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We deliver top quality leads direct to real estate professionals. We don’t compete with the industry and we don’t exaggerate our success. We have created a transparent, information-based, quality online marketplace for real estate in the Philippines.

Our ambition is to get 500,000 users by the end of 2015 – and we’re on track. Importantly, these consumer numbers feed into our vision for our advertisers, which is to drive success in the form of more quality leads which convert to sales. Our excellent brand and positioning means we’re increasing the number of interested consumers direct to your listings. The quality of our information means these consumers are better informed so they are more likely to transact faster too – a bonus for any broker or sales agent.

We have a variety of listing packages designed specifically for Developers, Brokers and Agents, as well as multiple advertising solutions that help to generate leads and build trust and profile in your brand.

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Getting Started is the Philippine’s best address for your properties to be listed. Our name says it all. We’re easy to find, simple to use and will be your ticket to faster sales.

Listing on promotes your properties to both local and international buyers. We have thousands of potential buyers visiting our site each month and the numbers are growing rapidly. We are independent and will work with you, not in competition to you, to increase the visibility of your listings and therefore the speed of your sales.

People who search for property online want:

Plenty of photos

A picture tells a thousand words! Upload as many photos as you can to help buyers get a really good feel for how the property looks, from every angle.

An exact property address

Location is really important when buying a property. If the listing has an exact address it will be found in our refined search and pinned on the map.

A price indication

Price is usually the most important criteria for a property seeker. Make sure your listing is found in the appropriate search results by including a price or indicative price range.

Updated listings

It’s frustrating to get excited about a property you see online only to find out it has already been sold or the price has changed. Update your listings to ensure the most recent information is always available to buyers. attracts high calibre buyers - the very people you want to be negotiating with on your listings. These buyers demand great attention to detail and want to be well-informed before contacting a real estate professional. Help us to help serve these buyers better and everybody wins!

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Guidelines in Posting an Ad

Dedicated property portals offer a simple but refined way for consumers to find their ideal property. Buyers and renters come to one site to view all the listings that are available in their area of choice and in the price range they can afford. Properties can be easily compared and shortlisted, and then contact can be made with sellers/brokers/agents to investigate properties further.

Research shows that most consumers who look for property online often do so for 6 months prior to actually making a decision! They want to be well educated and knowledgeable so that when they’re ready to buy they can make a fast but considered choice. has now made online property searching even more efficient. We are the only portal in the Philippines to use innovative search technology that allows property seekers to refine their search down to barangay, street and building name. Users love it and we know you will too.

What are the listing rules?

Quite simply, quality is rewarded.

To ensure the search experience is as successful as possible for our users, advertisements must be detailed and complete. This means including a full address, a price, as many photos as possible, property features and an enticing description. The highest quality listing will be rewarded in any given search by appearing at the top of the list.*

How can my advertisement stand out from the rest?

Include as much information as possible.

  • Property Description

    Make this colourful and descriptive. It's your chance to elaborate on the best selling points of the property. You should describe the advantages of the property’s location and orientation.

    The description should generate a positive feeling in the buyer that entices them to contact you. It should NOT simply describe features that are already stated elsewhere (ie. number of bathrooms and bedrooms).

  • Price

    You must include a price (or range) so that your listing is found in the correct search results. Price is usually the most important criteria for property seekers so it’s crucial to include in your ad.

    If, for some reason, you do not want to display the price you can choose to hide it from public view.

  • Address

    A full address is essential if you want your listing to be found on You should include the region, province, city, barangay and street name. The building name can also be added where appropriate.

    Our refined search facility allows users to search right down to street and building name, so this information must be included in order to be found in the search results.

    You can choose to hide the street name and number from public view if desired.

What happens if I don’t supply a full address?

It is well documented that users of property portals want lots of detail and in-depth information. It is also true that more genuine buyer inquiries to brokers and agents come from the refined search results. In fact, on average there’s up to 80% higher chance of inquiry from refined search results than from the general search.

Why? Because the more refined the results, the more targeted the consumer interest is. Your listings have an 80% higher chance to be found and receive targeted inquiries from refine search results. If you do not provide the full address, your listings will not show up in refine search results.

*Featured listings will always appear above standard listings, regardless of quality.

Move Inventory Faster
Digital Advertising for Developers

Have you budgeted for pay-per-click advertising on Google and you’re not sure how it’s tracking?

Have you bought online display ads and have no idea if you’re reaching the right audience?

Then why not partner with an industry-specific advertising platform that gives you pointed reach to the exact audience you need. will help move your inventory faster. Our dedicated, independent platform gives you access to a new, tech-savvy consumer who is well informed and ready to purchase. Your online advertising should not replace traditional marketing efforts and relationships, but rather deliver an additional audience who are primed and ready to invest in property.

You can promote your individual projects or developments by setting up a mini-site on We have a specially designed template for projects that allows you to include as much detail as you like to really showcase your properties.

Through our targeted marketing efforts we will drive interested consumers to your project, helping increase the number of enquiries and potential sales. The more visible your project is online, the more likely you are to attract attention. And the more attention you attract, the faster you will sell your listings.

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