by: Justine Perez;

08 March 2016

Salcedo Square allows you to live outside the confines of the traditional condo life

We’ve all heard it: the promise of a cozy retreat after a long day’s work, the comfort of being spared from the daily heavy traffic, and world-class amenities and features. But what really sets apart a residential condominium from the others? The seal of excellence that can only be achieved from years of experience devoted to deliver the needs of the target demographic

The Most Romantic Properties in the Metro

by: Justine Perez;

26 February 2016

Looking for market-fresh houses, condominiums, and apartments for sale or rent to start your life together? We have the answers right here!

After the roses and tulips all start to wither, and the sugar rush has subsided, everyone goes back to their normal daily routine—everyone but some. For those who have decided to make Valentine’s Day more memorable by taking things way above the usual gifts, we give you the most romantic condominiums and apartments either for sale or for rent perfect to let you start your new life together.


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Capitalizing on Trending Townships - Top 5 Cities for Real Estate Investment in 2016

by: Justine Perez;

26 February 2016

Philippine real estate experts forecast the continuous expansion of township properties in the country this 2016. Here are the cities where these developments are most likely to rise:


1. Makati
Makati, the premier business district of the metro, is not to be outdone as even if housing rates are rather steep within the area it remains to be one of the most favored resid

Romancing the Estate: The Link Between Valentine's Day and Online Property Search

by: Justine Perez;

23 February 2016

Think about this: what if instead of receiving a bunch of exotic flora paired with a box of saccharin, you are handed a small box. You then try to conceal your excitement while you are trying to paint a mental picture of what’s inside—the setting, the cut, the carat—until you can no longer contain your emotions.

Then the big reveal happened. You saw a key, and was perplexed for a few moments before you asked yourself “a key for what?”


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