Bring the Summer Vibe Into Your Home

by: Justine Perez;

18 May 2016

Summer in the Philippines can be summed up in one word -- HOT! The weather in Manila sometimes becomes too much for citizens to handle, forcing them to stay indoors more often. You don't have to walk under the bolstering heat of the sun to enjoy summer. Here are a few design tips that you can try to bring the summer vibe into your home.

Achieve a relaxed ambiance with light-colored decor

Light-colored home decors

REPH Loves: Top 5 Filipino Furniture Designers for Contemporary Home Design

by: Justine Perez;

30 March 2016

To be successful in putting a space together, it is a must that you should design to reflect your personality, aspirations, and tastes. More than anything, the end result should please not only the eyes, but the other senses as well, without compromising comfort. After all, sensible design dictates that the delicate balance between aesthetics and ergonomics must be achieved.

The contemporary Filipino home has undergone a lot o


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