The way you search for property is changing –
and we’re helping you change with it

We believe there is a better way to search for property online in the Philippines. So, we’re making it our business to create a comprehensive online market center where you can find out everything you need to make an informed choice.

We are unbiased and consumer-focused. is a technology company that services the real estate industry by offering an advertising solution. We help brokers, developers, agents and consumers sell or rent their property on their own.

What we do offer is quality controlled data and industry-leading technology that allows you to search in more detail to find the property that is exactly right for you.

Exclusively for the Philippines, our ambition is to shape the online real estate shopping habits of the country.


To empower consumers with advance property search tools and information so they could make smarter real estate decisions.


To be the online center for all Philippine Real estate.


Find the property you love.

Five Driving Principles

  • Search

    Our search is easy to use and fast. We have map-based and keyword-based search and results are delivered according to location, property type and price range. Further refinement is available through the advanced search. A key feature is the ability to create a shortlist of your favorite properties with the option to save or print your search results.

  • User Experience

    We want our site to become the default property search tool for you. It’s intentionally uncluttered, easy to use, full of great information and most importantly delivers high quality, comprehensive listings. It’s designed to help you compare and contrast properties, making your decision process easier. The user experience is central to the success of an online marketplace and our focus is definitely on this.

  • Transparency

    To create an open, more balanced marketplace, increased transparency around the buying and selling process is required. On, buyers can post comments and reviews on agent and broker profiles. This ensures their voice is heard in the market, opening up channels for feedback, which helps keep consumers safe and industries accountable. This also empowers those receiving the feedback as it allows them to build a strong reputation and expand their personal brand.

  • Data Empowerment

    We work directly with the real estate industry to get listings and developer details straight from the source. This ensures the most accurate information is always available on the site and thus safeguards buyers from scams and unhealthy business practices. The data also helps us create powerful reports such as a trends report that shows market value movements as well as buying, selling, and rental activity measurements per location across the Philippines. The intention is to offer data mapping trends, reports and analytics to interested buyers, agents, brokers, and property developers.

  • Mapping Capability

    Location is one of the most important elements when searching for property. With our map search results, you can view property locations on a map and conceptualize the property location with its surroundings. At a glance, you can see how close or how far your property might be from a shopping mall, business district, beach, school, highway, hospital and other neighborhoods.

Our Story

Back in 2012, Chris Jankulovski was looking to invest in a number of condominiums in the Philippines. At the same time, he was making frequent trips back to Australia to buy a house. In the Philippines, the process was very difficult - online listings lacked information to make informed choices, old listings were still displayed, and it was difficult to compare one property with another. It was a slow and frustrating experience that resulted in a decision not to buy. By contrast, in Australia he was able to search for properties easily online, manage his shortlisted properties, communicate with agents simply and make his own conclusions on the value and merit of each property. He was informed enough to reach the point of making an independent purchasing decision.

These contrasting experiences prompted him to do something about the property search experience in the Philippines. And so was born with the aim to become “The Online Center For All Philippine Real Estate”.

Chris is also the founder of a unique BPO company that has hired 5,000 people to work professionally from home for international employers since 2008. Chris has been involved in entrepreneurial activities since the late 90’s. He is the sole investor and driving force behind

Our Headquarters

Our 500sqm Makati Headquarters contains of 115 seats available for our expansion. We currently have a team of 30 people. Our team is composed of writers, graphic designers, web developers, server admin, product developers, customers support, admin support and data management team. We have been developing our technology for the Philippines since February 2014 and been in Beta since September 2014.

We are unbiased and consumer-focused. We help brokers, developers, agents and consumers sell or rent their property on their own.